If you are worried about safety, carry a fake wallet. If you are traveling through a rough area, take precautions and carry a spare wallet with a few token dollars in it. In the off chance you do get accosted, you can hand over the fake wallet and your real valuables will remain safe.The rooms are decent for the price, and you won’t be disappointed in their quality. You have the basic amenities you need with this low price. Additionally, you wlil find spa services, dining, nightlife and a pool right at this hotel. The service is always friendly and reasonably fast.Another advantage of booking a hotel in advance is the chance to find other means of getting a cheaper hotel rate. For example, you can try bidding on a room. This is one way of landing great deals online. The process is not very tedious- you just find out which hotels offer this and whether their facilities and services are suitable to your vacation plans. Yu start bidding on the room (typically, you should bid to about 40% less than standard room rates) and then if you win the bidding, then you have a room at a lesser price than what you would have paid on a regular reservation process. You should make sure that you want that room because this is non refundable and non transferable.When traveling, take an extra pair of glasses with you. If something happens to your glasses, you will have another pair on hand. It is important to keep the extra glasses out of your carry on bag or your purse. These bags could easily be stolen and you would be left without a spare pair of glasses.If you know you are going to take a trip somewhere, start looking early and book your Radisson room. Well, how early is early, a year? NO! The Radisson will give you 25 percent off typically if you book 14, 21, or 28 days in advance, depending on the hotel. Click the link below to do a search and see what the hotel policy is near where you want to stay.